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The future
is playable

pnkfrg studios is creating casual mobile entertainment for the next generation.

Watch it,
create it!

Watch and create the best video challenges on mobile - as team or as single creator. Enjoy and celebrate true digital ownership, because we share our revenue with digital owners.


Create it,
play it!

Ever β€œplayed” a video before? Transform it the way you like and create and own an experience everyone can play.

Play it,
earn it!

Player, creator or both? Everyone gets rewarded. Own a stake or take your rewards to the next level. Transform them into real digital currency you can use.


Earn it,
spend it!

Take your rewards into the real world. Save them, donate them or spend them. Play and pay - direct, frictionless, rewarding. Enjoy your drink.

We craft games
for the next generation

Create, share, play and earn. We are democratizing monetization and building a future where expression and engagement is getting rewarded.

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